Hello, my friends! This is Arthur's blog to show off his cakes and pastry. I, his friend Francis, take interesting shots of his baking tohelp him out with the blog. If you have any questions then feel free to drop us a message!
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Anonymous sent:

francis have you ever taken arthur to paris before?

Francis: Sadly no, but I hope that one day I can go there with him. //a small smile appears on his lips as he thinks about his hometown and all the wonderful things he could show Arthur//

Anonymous sent:

Francis, what if Arthur decided to date someone and spend less time with you? How would you feel?

Francis: //bites his lip gently// I… I would just let him do his thing because it’s his life and Arthur can do with it whatever he wants… I mean of course I’d be sad that we wouldn’t be able to spend as much time but in the end I wouldn’t be able to change anything about it, so I’d just try to accept it.

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Anonymous sent:

Between you and me, Francis, would you like to sleep with Arthur again? If so, does that mean you have some sort of deep feelings for him?

Francis: Well… of course I would sleep with him again. It was probably the best sex I’ve had in a while. //he then hesitates// I— I won’t tell you but yes, I do like him, maybe too much for my own good.